Heading for the stars

The Dalmore Constellation Collection

The Dalmore Constellation Collection brings together, for the first time, the complete spectrum of vintages created in their iconic Highland distillery between 1964 and 1992. Consisting of 21 individual releases, the collection was launched exclusively with World Duty Free in Heathrow’s T5. The 8 metre long interactive sampling table contained 12 aroma vials and touchscreens and housed fibre optic lights that twinkled like the night sky.

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Caffeine fuelled advertising.

Matthew Algie coffee

Give one of our creative teams a large cafetiere of strong, delicious Matthew Algie coffee and there’s no knowing where they’ll end up. But this time they had the perfect brief to focus their locomotive minds. The task was to promote Matthew Algie’s sponsorship of the Edinburgh International Book Festival - well, reading and coffee are inseparable bedfellows. Our beautifully illustrated posters just go to show that actually, Beans Means Puns.

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A very well done app.

Quality Meat Scotland

After listening to consumers and micro-adapting creative across a range of media, brand awareness for Scotch Beef in London reached its highest ever level and sales increased by 30%. We developed iPhone and Android apps for Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) to guide consumers through the intricacies of cooking the perfect steak and roast. We have seen over 28,000 downloads since launch.

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Room service.

Principal Hayley

Principal Hayley is a collection of 23 unique and stylish landmark city centre hotels and conference venues across the UK and Europe. We manage all the digital marketing for the brand and its hotels. That includes the main website with a bespoke booking engine launched in 2012, as well as the individual hotel sites, online advertising, email marketing, analytics and reporting.

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There’s been a murder.

The challenge was to create a simple but visually striking campaign that shook the apathy out of a cynical audience and help reposition Taggart, a long-running television institution, as the granddaddy of all police shows. With a 35% increase in viewing figures we succeeded in bringing it back with a bang and made it as credible and watchable as when it first aired in 1984.

How do you like your coffee?

Matthew Algie

Matthew Algie supplies 4,000 leading independent and branded coffee shops. They asked us to help them grow their business. An intensive planning process highlighted the obsession their people have with producing the best cup of coffee, every time. Something our ‘coffee brain’ identity captured perfectly. It’s now being rolled out across the entire business, from packaging to the roastery itself, boosting sales and growing outlet numbers.

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Monstrously successful.

The role of Scottish Development International (SDI) is to attract inward investment to Scotland. In recent years SDI have turned to online marketing to drive efficiencies - ideal for a widely spread and highly niche target audience. We developed a suite of creative, high-impact international online ads that resulted in a 623% increase in leads.

That was easy.

Staples - that was easy

Our challenge was to promote Staples Office Supplies and Technology product categories amongst small businesses, without excluding consumers. We also wanted to bring out Staples’ personality which is about offering service above and beyond the norm, making customers believe they’re getting special treatment. Super duper extra special treatment.

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The Dalmore Constellation Collection

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Matthew Algie coffee

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Matthew Algie coffee

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Scottish Development International

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Principal Hayley

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National Library of Scotland

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Union Tech

We put our heart and soul into the creation of online solutions for our clients, which can range from websites and mobile Apps to online games and software. And if there’s something new on the horizon you can trust us to understand and implement it too. More than anything we’re about delivering solutions that are innovative and fun, yet technically rock-solid and seamlessly linked to our client’s overall marketing strategy.

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Up and running since 1996 this is the core part of the Union Group. Our experience spans the private and public sectors, and the local to the international. Creative and effective, our work has been recognised nationally and internationally. From our offices in Leeds and Edinburgh we are well placed to service clients anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond.


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Union Direct

We use targeted, one-to-one communications to create awareness, interest, response and ultimately build long-term profitable relationships for our clients. Using the latest profiling, targeting and database technology aligned with rigorous planning and stand-out creativity, we deliver customer acquisition, retention and loyalty programmes. We build in a significant level of performance-related pay into all our client remuneration arrangements. Consider it a union of creativity and accountability.

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Union Digital

Our services encompassing website usability, accessibility, promotion, software development and infrastructure. We start by understanding the business drivers, evaluating the most effective solutions and then building them in a robust manner. From bespoke CMS systems to email database management and hosting, the really successful internet projects are the result of attention to detail, ongoing project management and innovative thinking. A union of strategy, technology and design.

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Union Connect

We help brands form unions with their customers to get them to act – perhaps to try, to buy, or to buy more often. How we do it is the key. It might be cutting through the shelf clutter with an on-pack offer, grabbing attention with an in-store POS or demonstration, bringing a brand to life with memorable experiential or even getting the trade onside with B2B. There’s no point talking if you can’t be heard.

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