Best foot forward

The National Trust for Scotland

In case you didn’t know, The National Trust for Scotland cares for some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes, not just stately homes. Needless to say path repair is essential to preserve the beauty of these wonderful places and our integrated campaign encouraged donations to The Footpath Fund. Media ranged from interactive MPUs and banners to beermats and ambient activity where we simulated the effects of erosion on the city steps of Edinburgh. Whilst wearing Blue morph-suits. Enough said.

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All our own work.

Pro bono work is very important to us. If we feel passionately enough about a cause or issue we will always offer our creative and strategic support. Epilepsy Scotland entered into a financial agreement with Charity Clear to aid the flow of donations and we agreed to make sense of the story. Script, animation, voice over and sound mix were all done entirely in house.

Jesus sells sofas.

Nothing like a provocative headline to grab the attention. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Superstar’ is a TV talent show that just so happens to be sponsored by Sterling Furniture. We created 10 irreverent idents underpinned by the idea that ‘Every Home’s a Stage’. And after winning a few gongs at the recent Scottish Creative Awards, we ended up on stage too. Amen.

A deliciously tasty website

Quality Meat Scotland

We’ve just designed and built a new and more consumer-friendly Scotch Beef and Lamb website for Quality Meat Scotland. Being able to rate, comment and share recipes will, we hope, whet appetites and help build a thriving online community. The site, built in Wordpress, is also much easier for the client to manage. From recipes to competitions, the menu of delights will constantly be refreshed.

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Innovation. Unbottled.

SDI - Innovation. Unbottled

SDI wanted to promote Scotland as a cost effective location where London-based legal firms could save money without sacrificing the quality of service to clients. So we came up with an innovative solution – a single malt whisky in a low cost pouch rather than a bottle. Managing partners could see immediately that they could still get the very best quality, just not how (or where) they might expect it.

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Room to manoeuvre.

We created this stop-motion television ad for Cycling Scotland to drive home a serious message in a fun and engaging way. Cyclists need space. A fact motorists need to remember. Ellie, our actress, had to endure a day of filming whilst standing outside with her arms outstretched in a snowstorm. What a star. We retouched in the blue sky later. Well it was in March. In Scotland. Thank heavens for technology.

The Word on the Street

National Library of Scotland

To launch the National Library of Scotland’s Beyond Macbeth exhibition we created a series of word sculptures and placed them in areas of high footfall in Edinburgh’s city centre. The quotes came of course from Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’ and not only piqued the interest of passers by but also highlighted the huge significance The Bard still has on language and contemporary culture.

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Audience Participation

A live cinema advertising campaign for Road Safety Scotland brings to life the dangers of being distracted whilst driving with dramatic panache. The audience who'd turned up to view a screening of 21 Jump Street (no accounting for taste) was treated to a cinematic experience where the leading actor wasn’t in the commercial, he was in the audience. Have a peak, but not while you're driving.

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The National Trust for Scotland


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National Library of Scotland

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Union Tech

We put our heart and soul into the creation of online solutions for our clients, which can range from websites and mobile Apps to online games and software. And if there’s something new on the horizon you can trust us to understand and implement it too. More than anything we’re about delivering solutions that are innovative and fun, yet technically rock-solid and seamlessly linked to our client’s overall marketing strategy.

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Up and running since 1996 this is the core part of the Union Group. Our experience spans the private and public sectors, and the local to the international. Creative and effective, our work has been recognised nationally and internationally. From our offices in Leeds and Edinburgh we are well placed to service clients anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond.


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Union Direct

We use targeted, one-to-one communications to create awareness, interest, response and ultimately build long-term profitable relationships for our clients. Using the latest profiling, targeting and database technology aligned with rigorous planning and stand-out creativity, we deliver customer acquisition, retention and loyalty programmes. We build in a significant level of performance-related pay into all our client remuneration arrangements. Consider it a union of creativity and accountability.

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Union Digital

Our services encompassing website usability, accessibility, promotion, software development and infrastructure. We start by understanding the business drivers, evaluating the most effective solutions and then building them in a robust manner. From bespoke CMS systems to email database management and hosting, the really successful internet projects are the result of attention to detail, ongoing project management and innovative thinking. A union of strategy, technology and design.

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Union Connect

We help brands form unions with their customers to get them to act – perhaps to try, to buy, or to buy more often. How we do it is the key. It might be cutting through the shelf clutter with an on-pack offer, grabbing attention with an in-store POS or demonstration, bringing a brand to life with memorable experiential or even getting the trade onside with B2B. There’s no point talking if you can’t be heard.

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